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  1. Lol no problem, hope to see you on more often, I too have been busy.
  2. haha, same. I'm not about to give of up writin'. I'll show you some when I have the time. Ok! I'll read it! Sorry for inactivity again! ^.^'
  3. Hey hey not much! I am glad you responded, yes please dont give up your dreams of writing, I would love to see your writings :P, I write stories too, I posted up a naruto vs pein fanfic, and I posted a story I started writing . What are you up to?
  4. Of course...My style of writing has changed over time, so I'll probably restart the fanfic. Um, Whats up?
  5. Heyah Would you like to be friends? I read your story and I liked it, and I also like your animes you have listed!
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