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  1. yeah its ok i haven't been on so much at all so how ya been anything new???
  2. yup yup but it got boring really fast haha and sorry i havnt been on for a while, i was really busy
  3. yeah little but not for me sence i'm with zachary and hanging with him and his parents is really nice i love his mom and dad i can't wait to get into this family its really nice here ^^ so you on summer brake yet?
  4. nothin really new lol life is pretty boring right now haha. what about you?
  5. nice to meet you too ^^ so how have you been anything new?.? i'm t my fiance place (zach) right now looking at my e-mail.
  6. sure of course i would love to be friend with you. nice to meet you!
  7. helloooo sakura how are you. i'm jenny wanna be friends?
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