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  1. *smiles*oh i will trust me*grin*and your goin g to like it
  2. [bites lips again] you wont beat me in this game Sasuke-kun! [giggles and kisses down your chest.]
  3. *blushes*so far you are but i can beat it*kisses your chest*
  4. [bites bottom lip] i'm sure i can [kisses your neck and plays with your hair]
  5. well lets see if you can bbeat it*takes ur hands and kisses ur neck*
  6. [giggles and kisses you again] I think I can top that.
  7. *kisses back*i love you more than anyhing in the world
  8. [kisses you and blushes] more than you could imagine
  9. *blushes and kisses you*how much do u love me*looks at you*
  10. [giggles] awwww, I love you so so much too Sasuke-kun......
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