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  1. yeah! And something can go wrong during his training or something..
  2. well i would think that he throws a fit and tries to make himself better, faster, stronger so he can beat him..
  3. Ah... i see.. well... you could end it there until your writer's block goes away... sometimes reading it over again will help..
  4. Hello, It's been a while since i've talked to you and just wanted to know if everything was going alright..

    Btw... how's your story coming along? I haven't had much of a chance to read it..
  5. it's okay.. let me go back through and see if i can try to come up with something.
  6. I know.... I had not right to say that.... I'm sorry
  7. awww come on.. you know you want to tell.. if you didn't you wouldn't have almost mentioned it. ^^ Please?

    -tries to look cute and cuddly-
  8. Sweet! I'll go take a look now..

    Tell? Please?.. I can ... attempt... to look cute in cuddly ^^
  9. Okay.. I'll go check it out now. ^^x..
    (freespace freespace freespace)
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