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  1. Thanks, the Tib series are my favorit out of all the C&C games, RA series are fun but to cartoony and goofy for my likeling, RA3 expecily. Any way yeah, I mostly play Tiberium Wars 3 now, techicly the expansion for it, Kains Wrath which I think is better as you have to micro and mix your units up and not midlessly spam. Plus the added 6 new sub factions.GDI subs, ZOCOM and STEAL TALONS (ST have the Titen MKII which is the best teir 1 unit in the game but their faction is really hard to use). Nod has, Black hand (Man spammers from hell) and Marked of Kain (Cyborg army EMP army). Scrin has, Reaper 17, and Travaler 59 (The most god damn frustrating faction to play against because of their flipping Prodigy and culists. Think of the Cultists as a spammable Yuri that has a crap load of health and is on crack as they run hell-a fast.)
    I used to play CNC TS all the time, and since my best bud started playing it, I need to get back into it.
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