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  1. i used to be extremely active like 3 or 4 years ago. i mean i was addicted to this place. i was only a couple of point away from leveling up in my rep which was one of the things that always kept my interest. yeah this place used to be happening. always new things to read.'s so sad.
  2. Not at all, messages are meant to be read, otherwise they'd be PM's. AO will eventually just be another 404 error page on the internet. I'll try to remain active so long as I can retain a decent interest to sign in. The funny thing about myspace is that it too is rundown and outdated. I think that site's last loyal members are hardcore teenage Christians that are afraid of change. Other than the horrible and obvious, it's nice to meet you, I haven't seen you around the forums in the past.
  3. and i don't mean to pry or eavesdrop on your written conversation but i have to agree with holderofthedarkchalice yeah ao had it's golden years way back in the day and now it seems like a former shell of it's old self. it was actually one of the reasons why i stopped visting this place so often, there wasn't much activity and things died down. also i really didn't like how they kept changing the layout of things. i remember the highlight of the day was when you were able to decorate your page like we used to do with myspace except with a bit more technical know how and less already made layouts. ahhh those were the days.
  4. so im guessing you're a soul eaters fan???????????????????????????????/
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