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  1. yeah there is a sent you a link to one in a pm you might like it
  2. wow...this sucks...well is there another 'big' anime forum that took ao's place?
  3. its so dead in the place that when some one does post cob webs and dust move a bit then settle back down on the new post lol , anyway though i have been just reading things and haven't found anything good to post on either they need new anime to talk about
  4. okay so tell me the truth. how dead is this place? im looking around trying to find a juicy thread and everything looks so dead.
  5. yeah i had a haitus from the anime forum thing just because i didn't have time for it, but well i can never stay away for too long
  6. hey there just droping by to say hello and good to see your back after so long
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