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  1. Ah, so you're a Pein fan too? Yay!! He was awesome. And ah, I have friends that pretty much tell me anything going on in it still if I ask. It's nice that way.
  2. yeah, i liked him too, and i stopped reading it for a long time too after that, but a friend of mine told me that sakura was going to go kill sasuke and i had to find out if he was telling the truth.
  3. Well as I don't think there will be any arguements on opinons, I think we should be good there. Lol. And ah, so you're a Naruto fan. I was really big there for awhile. But I just vaguely check on it from time to time now. I was saddened greatly with the end of Pein and so on. Pein was my favorite.
  4. I like people who have opinions, cause i have many too, so it's something that i can relate too. as long as no over the top arguments about our opinions start then i think it'd be great. I like naruto, i can't wait till the new manga comes out. waiting for it like a crack addict. as for the rest, well i probably haven't read them. i read a lot of odd manga. i go to free manga websites, then click the choose random button and read whatever pops up.
  5. As far as opinions go, mine can vary depending on a lot of things. Though I pretty much will speak my opinions regardless because it's how I am. I'm not really into political things overly much right now. Though yes, when near voting time, I pay attention before voting. I'm into Naruto, Tenchi, Escaflowne, Big O, Trinity Blood, Basilisk, Hetalia, Dragon Ball Z, Elfen Lied, and Trigun to name a few animes. You? ^_^
  6. sure, but first tell me a little about ur opinions. what kind of anime r u into. wat r ur political views. wat r u interested in? (just trying to get to know, promise i won't argue with any of your opinions.)
  7. Hello. I'm Sadie. Nice to meet you. ^_^ Want to be friends?
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