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  1. Yeah, your right, I have to get out there and find my nich or what ever you want to call it.
  2. Well u needa get out there and get social life .
  3. I am either at work, or I am just to tired to go and do something... That and I can be a bit lazy. :P
  4. Yes, i kno wat u mean lol .
  5. Oh but I am glad that I have a job, very glad. I just need a socile life.
  6. yea every one needs to get out, but hey work = money and u should be glad you still have a job XX
  7. Been busy, busy, busy. All I do is work and when I get home I am to tired to do anything... I need to get out more.
  8. nope hows you been .
  9. So not much different then every one else I guess.
  10. 1. get outa the fight with my folks
    2. um . . . revise (Yea rite lol)
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