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  1. Well talk to seth about it cause the way it sounds he told me he has a gf and doesn't like you....
  2. So you two are not dating?
    I see where your problem is but do what makes you happy not others.
  3. Okay what about it??????????????????????????????????? btw you sent that message to ur self lol.
  4. Oh god what did you do now????????????????????????
  5. hey i fell really dum know i done something so freaken stupid
  6. why are you so depressed for? werent you feeling okay when i had seen you this morning huh. and is daniel mad at me?
  7. hey i have a question for you i dont know on what you would say so im asking you would you go out with me?
  8. Hey girl its me sarah i just wanted to chat and im so bored. Cant wait untill lunch.see you at lunch okay lol
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