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  1. hey whats up. so how long were you grounded for. cause thats what mary had told me.
  2. Lol and im just kidding wit you. But im not gay if im alt\ready dating a boy. That has balls.
  3. 4 1 im not gay you freaken little lesbian fag and know take that.
  4. why it seems like ya still likes me or something? I dont know on what to do. but my boyfriend is great and maybe you might get to meet him if you go skating 2 morrow.
  5. well thats fine wit me okay do what you want to okay
  6. well let me talk to her and ill figure something out okay
  7. so are you really gonna get some chick to beat me and kalynn up huh
  8. then what do you want me to say about it that you liked me one day and then you dont like me the next day. so what am i suppose to do about that.
  9. then what would happen in between us. what would you say about that
  10. what would you say if i told you that i fell in love wit you and im just saying okay
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