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  1. my new school ?
    complete bitch paradise . nd obviously if ur not a bitch yourself , ur gonna hate it =/
    the girls here dont socialize much , even though theyre supposed to welcome newcomers =.=
    but the most weird thing bout this school is that we have lesbians here O_O . i kinda admit its interesting coz u dont see lesbos everyday XD lol ....
    anyhow , im not much of an extrovert so the socializing part doesnt bother me much .
    And as for the holidays ? they were awesome ! ^.^ i had so much fun , finshed so many animes and best of all slept so much
    so tell me , hows ur school going on ? and how were ur holidays ?

    p.s .-- i replied a bit late coz im only allowed to come online on the weekends lol ^.^
  2. Whats ur new skool like??? and how was your summer?
  3. it was fine XD
    started a new school this week . =o
  4. owow lol how did they go?? .
  5. i dont mean a big hot-shot kinda interview XD
    i went for like 5 interviews at schools ..and they werent written ones....some of the teachers were intimidating O_O
  6. lol interview for wha=y? .....
  7. im fine ^.^ well not realli , coz im going for a interview today =s nervous as hell!
  8. hey how are you?? .
  9. wasssup emily ! long time no see , eh?

    *50 darn*
  10. lol good and me too i hate tests lol .
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