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  1. My fave is Code Geass but I like Death Note, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Cat, Shuffle, and I'm currently watching Bleach. I really like all sorts of anime as long as they are funny or have a good storyline but those are some of my faves.
  2. Many sorts ^^
    i like hell girl , higurashi no naku ,death note , bleach (although i stopped seeing it coz it was getting too long ) , Yugioh , ghost hunt and I watch S A rarely =)
    how bout u ?
  3. So I see your pic is from Inuyasha so I take it you like Inuyasha but what other animes you into. ???
  4. i saw your reply on the fav op/end thread . Hi back ^^=)
  5. Hey I seen your post on Dreaming girls PRFL and I noticed tht I've seen you before from my Fave anime Openings/Endings thread and Just the same I thought I'd say hi so *HI* OH and if you haven't seen I replied to your post on Fave anime Op./En.
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