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  1. k-on is bout music and "slice of life" .Its bout these 4-5 girls who dream of creating their band and playing music at a special place called boudakan and darn its funny and the girls often go cute ^_^ do watch it its awesome =D
  2. Even though trinity blood was a short anime, I still enjoyed watching it. I never heard of k-on. What is it about?
  3. cool ! me too ^_^ , thoguh i havent watched trinity blood or FMA .
    do u ever watch some comedy ? =D
    i dont usually see those but lately i found this anime called k-on and im hooked 2 it @_@ (its love-free ofcourse XD )
  4. I love naruto, death note, bleach, FMA, claymore, darker than black, trinity blood, blood+ and so much more!!!
  5. I like watching supernatural , horror-ish and bloody animes =D
    for example naruto , hell girl , claymore, dgray man(just started) and many others
    i dont usually watch comedy but I am watching it right now its called k-on , bout 4 girls makin their rock band i love it =D . what bout you ? what animmes do you watch ?
  6. My name is Angela. It's nice to meet you, Duaa. What anime do you like to watch?
  7. Hiya ! ^_^ me too ! almost all the girls seem to have thing for romance , but not us! =D
    my name's duaa what bout yours ?
  8. Hello!!! You replied to one of my posts. I glad I finally found a girl who doesn't like romance. My name is Angela. What is your name?
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