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  1. Yeah, I can't understand that. Yeah my mom is too haha XD

    I gived up on my so call bf he is a jerk and just plan awfuk so I kicked his butt to the curb this was weeks ago and I have a job now and loving so trying to live life now heh.
  2. u know, fitting in in a new school and my so-called bff going all be-atchy and etc, etc i dont give a damn now bout her though , but then its getting awkward to face her =p
    and oh how could i forget my mom issues
    sometimes i realli think my mom is senile XP
  3. Awe whys that tell me about it? if u was here with me u wouldn't be down I am boncein' off the wall I am carzy hyper its un real XD
  4. life's kinda sucky but the number of laughs i have make me wonder whether im just being ungrateful xD.
    i feel kinda down though , with the new school and everything XP
  5. HEY its been awhile how have u been anything new????????????????
  6. Hey! It has been awhile ^^ oh not much finally single again. Life is awesome so far I have been so joyful and in a really good mood for awhile and haven't been so depressed as I was. *smiles* So how have you been hows everything going for you?.?
  7. hey long time no see....whats up? hows life going ? ^_^
  8. O.O omg! HEY! waz up how have you been long time no chat anything new going on??
  9. Yeah I don't really like last min. things lol. Also, I might need surgery on my knee....
  10. Yeoch that oughtta hurt . Wellget well soon . Yea I know I hate them too . and my prob is that I do everything at the lastminute >_<
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