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  1. X_X oh wow I hate test I really do there so boring I wish them gone! lmoa
  2. Thanks... My knee has been hurting me so bad ans it really hurts... even now when I was going up the stairs it had a sharp pain to it and I am wearing a brace for it and it still hurts...
  3. O darn ... Hope u make a fast recovery ^_^ . Yea I didn't do much either coz I'm more of a homebird so I like stayin at home and havin Fun =) . We have tests everyday now and they announce theresults on the stage and scream at us for bad results >_>.and we only know what test is bout bfore it =_=
  4. Not much just chating online with some friends and ankle hurting like hell.... I wasn't on here because I sprong my ankle and knee.... It still hurts.... manly my ankle hurts so much right now..... so what have you been up to? did you have a good christmas and new yrs?
  5. hiya ! ^_^ so wats up ?

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  6. Oh really that's awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun!
    5 hrs to do only one subject that's not bad.
    math hell no wouldn't want that lol.
    Yeah, that's a pretty good band.

    nm going on here I just can't wait till this weekend to be with my bf! Right now I am in school in study hall right now I'm going to my next class at 12:23. Hey do you have a cell phone? Would you like to be txt buddys? We could talk more that way.
  7. U bet ! We going to have tommorow national day here and all the nationals will be goin crazy and spray paintin , paintin their faces , doing their crazy dance , doin stunts on the road and stuff that they do every year . I wonder wats gonna be new =D o and we have this Icp thing in Which we spend 5 hours in school doing one subject only! Imagine that for maths ugh it's fyne for others though . I'm currently diggin Breaking Benjamin they rule!!! Woot ! How bout u ^_^
  8. Hey girl! How have you been anything going on with you lately?
  9. Yeah, that is true ppl write and put them on the internet and make money and it turns out to be so fake. Oh well lol the way I see it I would read it and know if there full of it or not.

    My day is getting better and better today we have an early release at school today and I get out at 12:30 and I am going to hangout with Roger when he gets off work! So I can't wait!
  10. It's like they're just watching at you from the corners of the room 0.0 lol I read it on this site that those are the beginning steps of pyshcic-ness but then again ppl can write any crap to get money lol =D so hows ur day going ? ^_^
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