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  1. I think that Naruto shippuudden is a lot better than the original Naruto just because there seems to be more action in Naruto shippuudden. Also, because you get to see Naruto growing up and becoming more powerful.
  2. o wow me too ! i hate romance >_> . i love inuyasha , dgray man and naruto too !
    claymore was so....awesome @_@ . bleach has too many episodes dont you think so ? ..i stopped watching somewhere in the mid-process of ichigo saving rukia XD . have you watched naruto shippuden ? what do you think about it ? IMO , "naruto" was better than "naruto shippudden "
  3. I love anything, except for romance and drama anime. I love death note, inuyasha, naruto, claymore, d gray man, bleach, and so much more!!!
  4. em fine ^_^ . i like gorey animes , spooky animes , and action/adventure animes ^_^ . sometimes I even go for slice of life anime X) . what bout you ?
  5. hello!!! how are you doing? I'm doing fine. what anime do you like to watch?
  6. hi! hows it going ? just droppin by to say hi ^_~

    *5o ..this is getting annoying>_>"
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