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  1. fine how abt u ? ^_^ and thanks happy thanksgiving to u too =)
  2. Hey how are you. Happy thanksgiving! sorry kind of early but i am not going to be on for that week so i wanted to say that.
  3. i like orichimaru coz of his snake-like tongue (coz im a snake-lover)
    k bye =D
  4. Hey i have to go my class is over. i will be on at 10:43 i have lunch then i will message you ok. talk to you later. bye.
  5. well i watch naruto(i hate naruto he is soo abnoxtious. and orocimaru is ugly. needs more makeup.)=3 i have to say i like Kakkikkishia. it is a new show on adult swim. And i like +Anima, and Skip-Beat.
  6. fine ^_^ I like the dark or serious kinds =) like hell girl , higurashi no naku and stuff like that i tried watching comedy but i couldnt take more of special A after the first 20 episodes .I like action animes like bleach and naruto (i hate naruto and prfer orichimaru )
    how about you ?
  7. hi hello how are you today. what are your favorite animes?
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