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  1. blood on the dance floor, 3 day grace, 30 sec to mars, panic at the disco, tokio hotel, basshunter and so on! u should cheak out my hallow ichigo WARNING there is a gay pic!
  2. me too ^_^ i love all that too and alternative rock and post-grunge i cant stand pop .blek :P .so which bands do u hear?
  3. punk rock, emo, scremo, froren, all kinds of music!
  4. so wat kinda music do u lyk ?
    *here we go again 50 characters *
  5. yea i no. i wish i could put a hallow ichigo pic 4 my avitar!
  6. k . many things bug me here lyk how icant put a custom avatar !. but its realli fun ^_^ so i stick around =D
  7. i dont really mind the posting rules. just the 50 characters bug me.
  8. im a bit younger X) i know it is =_= the rules here are kinda irritating at the starting , like double posting , dead posting ,posting of special topics allowed to only some ppl and so on
  9. im 17 now um how old r u.......................
    *this 50 characters r so freaking stupid!*
  10. cool i go on here just cause its fun to meet new ppl!
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