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  1. *kisses back and holds ur hand*i love u so muck sakura
  2. thank you Sasuke-kun [ hugs and kisses you ] your really sweet
  3. ok*walks up to the ramen bar*can i have two ramen please
  4. i love you too Sasuke-kun.... [smiles] I'll get what ever you have
  5. i love u always and forever*kisses u back*wat u getting at the ramen bar
  6. [wraps arms around your neck].. I would love to. [kisses you]
  7. so do u wanna go out*snogs you*cause i sure do i hope u do
  8. [kisses you too] i love you too Sasuke-kun....and i would love to be with you.
  9. why would i...........i love you*kisses you*i wanna be with you
  10. i dont have a boyfriend...but i thought u didnt like me like that & i dont want you to regret me.
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