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  1. do u have a boyfriend....cause if ou dont wanna go out with me
  2. [blushes and looks away] o-of course Sasuke-kun. You can ask me anything.
  3. kool*kisses your cheak* can i ask a question.......
  4. [smiles & blushes a lil] same, working at the hospital. i finally get a break.
  5. *links arms with u*nothing...........just been doing missions and
  6. sure why not? So whats new with you Sasuke-kun?[follows you]
  7. no its ok i have all the time in the wanna go to the ramen bar
  8. I don't know.[Lets you go and turns around] I should prolly get going. Don't want to keep you here too long.
  9. im ok*doenst still let go* um........n wat do u wanna do
  10. i'm okay i guess. how about you?[still dosen't let go]
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