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  1. sup im gona make another account im tire do fthis one im ditchin this one ill add u on it k *hugs*
  2. if u have me on msn thenu shoulden tworry we got into an argument x.x and dont you have me on msn well on your messenger i gota go to school now xx.xx ill respond later on in the day
    byeeeee *hugs*
  3. how your G-ma want you out of the house O.O that is very un nice >< ... is there any reason ? did you anything wrong to her . which is don't think that a good person can do ? O.o ... and what is this message you written down >< don't say byee .... =^_^=
  4. o.o welllllll my grand mother is tryin to throw me out the house im only 16.....she got mad at me =[
  5. Nyaaaa ~ i have been good , why you are sad tell me @_@ ... i am here for you and to stand by your side kitty ... =^_^=
  6. *mews sadly* help me =[ i r kinda sad i guess but im doing well :/ how have u been *mew kitty kisses u*
  7. oooo o.o kitty *hold you* you look lost XS in some way my friend , so how have you been , O.O don't tell me that you are not eating well ? ... =^_^=
  8. 0.0 meowwww helppp *fals over cant get up as a kitty* Dx
  9. lol XD you have E-mail it XD but i answered the profile before i read my mail X3 ... =^_^=
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