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  1. im kickin assssssssssssssss onnnnnnnnnnn flyffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  2. Oh then you should listen to music or play a game if your bored! XD So how are you today besides bored?
  3. nooooooooo *pokes 5thousand times* im so borded O_O
  4. XD I've never thought of that!!! XD Do I really look that ugly?
  5. lol i dont know im just sayin xD u look like a rock lee xDdddddddddddd
  6. Yeah it is ^^ it was my graduation of them at least Why?
  7. mew *blinks* wow and is that u in that green O_O in that pic .0.
  8. eh...thanks but she just said that she doesn't love me as much as she did when I helped her out and she asked to be my gf...idk...I'll get over it though...I was kinda expecting it...she's known to go through men like she does cloths!
  9. owie :/ srry to hear i hope eveything gets better for u ummm if u dont mind me asking wat happen :/ *puts hand on your sholder* ill help as much as i can ^.^
  10. lol I'm fine I guess...just got dumped by my girlfriend and I'm not taking it to how are you?
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