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  1. yeah i know the best thing about it is nazi zombies!! XD hehe sooo fun just playin with friends and shotting zombies!!!!! ^^

    >?< i loveies doggys!"!! XD LMAO but not the cod 5 dogs LOL
  2. hehe, yes i know i hate the creepy dogs,
    i played the beta for 5 ^_^ not bad but again no rush
  3. haha!!! well i play cod 4 and my dmc melted T^T and i got cod 5 too hehe ^^ >< in stead of air stricks u get bloody dogs XDD
  4. i do but i don't play often(when i do i play cod4(i'm in no rush to get 5),dmc4,gta4...4s.,
    i'll add whenever i log in ^_^
  5. haha so u have xbox?

    u soo gotta add me im princess neko

    we sooo gotta chat ^^ hehe x
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