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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I've been goen for a wekk.....which is very bad and I am no behind on lots of things...

    Anyway I am glad it isn't Anise's va that annoys you!!! *sigh* I'm glad so anything else that you have watched??
  2. I GOT IT NOW!!, it wasnt Anise i wanted to punch, though i she reminded me soo much of the person i did want to punch, Budoku from Akikan, i mixed them up, now that i think of it Anise's va doesnt annoy me as much as Budoku's character. lol.
    Anise = good
  3. Awwww!!! You should play the games. They are considerly different. My most favorite game od the Tales series is Tales of Symphonia. I've beat that game about 12 times!! XD I just love the story!!

    Then Tales of the Abyys. What won me over was the battle system. Way better than all of the others. Much improved. They story was alright. I love all of the character in the game though.....
  4. I've never played any of the tales games (i know they're good though), but i've only seen the animes for them and manga for Abyss,Sym,Destiny and innocence.

    lolz at Dist., i think his reason was he wanted back the old times with jade and their old professor., either way he's an oddball, but understandable XD
  5. lolz Well I have played the game, read the manga (but its not finished), and now watched the anime. Of course I knew there was going to be differences ( Thats expected), but it was somehow different in the anime. The fight between Anise and Arietta (I put no blame on Anise nor Van. It was sad really how things could have turned out that way) made me seriuosly cry. Maybe cause there were flash backs that were ni ot in the game....

    Each god general has their reason for sidfing with Van. Well except Dist. He's jsut down right stupid and weird. Have you finished the series???
  6. Arietta was a sad-case, it was a sour death, pointless really.,(stupid Anise *shakes fist*). I guess i do dislike the VA for Anise.I could see a softer voice fitting better imo. The generals i could not care less of them.though recent findings with one of them being Natalia's real dad got me giving some sympathy for him.., nice series.
  7. So you don't like Anise's voice actor?? XD Anise herself isn't that bad. She's had a tough life so far......^^;;

    I like Arietta way better though. Too bad she had to die....T^T Actually too bad all of the god generals had to die......*sigh*
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