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  1. omg! i've actually seen the movie before!! omg, like maybe a year ago!

    if you find means of watching it, totally check it out! it's like an Animal Crossing dream come true!!

    have to say though, the ending, really trippy!
  2. Animal Crossing Movie; look it up.
  3. zomg!! t3h awesomes!!

    looks like Soshi and me still got time!! thanks Sazuka~!!
  4. I'm actually posting an OFFICIAL contest and extending the deadline as well.
  5. (also posted this in your journal)

    ^_______^ would it be at all possible for the Traditional Art Contest be pushed back for a few days? like maybe Monday? i will not have access to the family camera for a while, and that would give me enough time to come up with a backup in case we can't get it in time...
  6. =_= i'm very sorry to have missed happy fun time with you guys...

    >:( it seems that whenever we want to play with Shinku, the internet doesn't work... the same thing would always happen when we played SSBBrawl as well...

  7. awesome!
    Soshi asks to wait 10 minutes, so he can spruce up the place!
  8. Kay. Now's good.

    The toilet doubles as a chair. Lolz.
  9. anytime you'd like, just say the word and the gates are open!

    in Soshi's town, at least!
  10. ~\(^o^)/ ~

    hootie hoo!
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