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  1. Good for you.
  2. I wasnt asking lol. I would probably be too busy in the upcoming months anyways. Because my band is finishing up our album
  3. She's Ex-Staff.

    Unspoken mod rule: "Ask, and you shall not receive."
  4. o.O REALLY?! Cool :P I wanna be a mod. but I havent been offered the job lol. Tsurara's still a mod, and she hasn't been on in FOREVER lol xD
  5. Iamabovethelaw.

    Jk. *points to self* MODERATOR.
  6. HEY! Only *counts on fingers* one...two...three...four...five...six.........TEN CHARS!!!! How'd you-- o.O lol. What's up?
  7. Excellent!
  8. Hey, what's up? I like Narnia, also!
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