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  1. Skycrawlers is sick by the way. It took me forever to remember what your sig an avi were from. KUDOS.
  2. AGREED.

    Ramen is yummeh in mah tummeh.

    I can't stand this character limit, I miss being a mod.
  3. Ramen has never looked sexier.....................
  4. Um... you're just a "regular" now? Well, I guess next time I dote over a drawing, or clever post from you... I don't have to feel so incredibly a** kiss-ish. (Hard to compliment mods without feeling like its interpreted as such.) But hey.. now you just have a regular, non-moderating arse.
  5. Very much so!

    I refuse to talk to anyone who comments on my profile like that.
  6. Saaaazzzuuuukkaaaaa, Is this annoying???????????????????????????...........
  7. Ew. Where'd that brown stuff come from?
  8. I just saw yer David Bowie giraffe, and it made me wanna kiss yer ass... just a little bit though, nothing too obnoxious. You ready? *mmmuuuaaaahhh*
    *wipes brown off nose*

    Seriously though, you DO rock.
  9. the "what do you want for christmas thread" is last years thread. I rememberd my year old post in it.. some one woke up the dead. And besides, there is already an active " your christmas wish(es)" thread. Just thought I'd alert a mod.
  10. Yes!
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