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  1. Oh? And why's that ?
  2. Well, after being here for five years, things are pretty sucky lately.
  3. Hey, just decided to drop by, say hi. How do you find things around here so far?
  4. Hey, just dropping by to say hello. So what's up these days?
  5. Hey Sazuka, could you please send me the DJ Extreme password? I asked Soldat for it, but I'm asking you too just in case he doesn't reply. Thanks!

    P.S. Can we be friends?
  6. No problem!

    Have fun!
  7. Thanks for the help! Just making sure my new threads don't end up in all the wrong places.
  8. Hah. I'd say Sensory Pleasures.. you peon.
  9. Excuse me, officer, but which section's the best place to start a thread about books, especially works of fiction?
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