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  1. Thanks!

    I'll actually prob use them.
  2. Found these on LJ when I was looking for icons.
    I thought of you.
  3. LMFAO! That movie was funny xD That was the funniest part of it too!
  4. That was quick!
  5. Thanks Saz! I didn't think you would send me candy too xD;;; I was laughing when you did ^^;; Cute picture on the back <3333
  6. Thanks Yoko!
  7. Alright then deary, you can take your time, no ruse of course! ^^
  8. I haven't mailed your prize yet because I've been mad sick and poor. I'll get it out sometime this week!
  9. Parachute pants are coming back in style. What is that about..
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