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  1. Hey
  2. Thats fine. I've got most of the day to play so. Just drop me a PM or something if theres a specific time you're going to be online.
  3. We can try again tomorrow if you'd like.
  4. ...yeah, I got connection error too. Just got disconnected. I'm gonna retry again and if the gate opens I'll leave it open. If nothing in the next 10~15mins than I'm out for tonight. Retry again in a bit k? *I gots to log off to move to another room
  5. Whenever you and Abu tell me your friend codes. XD

    I'd probably be on anytime after 4pm for the weekend...assuming my sis isnt hogging the Wii. I'd also have most of Monday as I gots no work. XD

    My townsfolk just talk about Abu all day.
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