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  1. Why would I be angry at member's for not voting for me. It doesn't matter to me if people vote or don't vote for my work. Getting votes is not what matter's. To me its more about showing my work and hopefully getting opinions but nothing to do with votes at all.
  2. Shouldn't you be mad at the people who voted. And as a point of fact the first time I won this competition I was new to the forum and had no friends. Why so angry I did not stop anyone from voting for you. You don't seem to be saying anything to anyone else who got more votes than you did.
  3. To answer the question you put in the POTM thread I think that is unnecessary to monitor friends and messeges but I do feel that one person deserves one vote.
  4. congratulations, on POTM. Your the person we have to best next time.
  5. Well it is you or it is me. This is POTM is so exciting.
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