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  1. Alright then I at least just wanted to have one thread in there but everytime I do either I did something wrong or it just didn't meet standards.
    So all I wanted to do was have a thread that I made on there.
  2. You can remake the thread when you become a Com. Member. Or till a com. member makes a similar thread. Otherwise I must enforce the rules.
  3. Well I would of gotten one of my com friends to do it but there not on so I did it for them is alright if it stays on till the middle of next month then I may be a com memeber by then is that ok.
  4. What is it?
  5. Hey can I talk to you before you close my forum please.
  6. Hey how you been its me Doug sure has been a long time since we've talked you know.
  7. Hi how you doing today glad to finally be able to talk to you.
  8. Ha I like your avatar it is very nice and very cool.
  9. Hi my name is Doug how are you doing nice to meet you.
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