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  1. You didn't get it. OR maybe I am wrong.
    Really, I know for a fact that you're the only member of the staff who is easiest to talk to.
    Also, if it's only written on my profile isn't good enough. If you did remember I have told you before I had provided evidence to one of the mods before and he/she did tell me it'll be okay, yet those members came back again. What happened there? And if I am provoked, they are the ones putting me into this position. Really, if i do show some members of the staff "Look, there it is", they say they'll take care of it, yet nothing happened.
    When I stopped talking to them, they come and swear at me in the flash chat and leave messages like "Rave has no life". I ignore it and tell again, nothing happened.
    And like I said, members don't get what I am saying and say the same things as you. I know I made mistakes and never made them again. Don't you think I feel ashamed for what I did? Yes, I do. But, that is not all there is towards me.
    And when the "law" here fails to do anything let me just sit here and do nothing. Of course, just because I've had a bad experience here, I deserve to be lothed right? Letall the AO do their dirty work. I'll just sit here and wait for a millenia if I have to. And what arrogance are you on about? LK got banned for trying to destroy AO [for more than once I think], he became an admin and got full support from the staff. Who's arrogant?

    Also, I am not an adult here. I came here when I was 14. There, members almost four years older than me bullied me. And God like attitude? No thanks.
    Even then the staff ignored me, even when I did not create drama.

    Really, just tell me, is the staff going to anything about it. If no, then thank you. I'll lose my faith for the staff.
    And no thanks. I hardly come here, and when I do, I get some members sending me offensive images. And don't worry, I already reported it to Trunks last year. Nothing happened.
  2. i miss being in the chat and well at work to many firewalls for me to bypass so i can't get in to irc
  3. Hi Miss Sazzy just wondering if the flash chat is okay now
  4. lol thats a great message baby

    and this Rave fellow seems like he'll be a pedophile when he gets older
  5. Oh okay then. I wouldn't classify myself as a victim, but okay, if you say so.
    But really, I just can't put my finger on it but just think about it. When no mod nor any admin helps you, you cannot sit quietly forever. I know I got into troubles but the ones who did ban me know it the best. They know the proper reasons. Because every other mod likes to assume things.
    And, I was provoked in the sense that they picked a fight with me and then blamed me. of course they wouldn't get into toruble because they like to suck up to higher ups. Anywho, my point here does not matter.

    And really, ask BrokenLover herself, there was a misunderstanding that was sorted out outside of AO. So don't assume things again.
    And yet again, pestering is what I [hate to] do when no one bloody listens and they get away! So what I have have a bad record, they are just taking advantage of that! I have seen other members worse than me get support from the staff, so really, what is going on?

    My past record isn't exactly the issue here. I admit I made some mistakes but that is not the only side to me. I am partially responsible for AO's boom, too. Because of me some hundred people joined. Anywho.

    Imagine if you were not a mod, were constantly picked upon and the staff did nothing. What'd you do? Praise 'em? Think about not doing something about it?

    And fine, if you don't want to help me, let this go on and don't bother replying. Good day.
  6. I know, I admit I have made stupid mistakes.

    However, no mod here did anything about it when I asked them to deal with those specific issues. Also, I did not say that the admins have to stop their daily routine to help me out. No. As a member who was provoked many a times, i simply seeked for help. As far as I know, a complaint from last year and last month have not been looked upon. Really, if the mods and even admins don't do anything, what am I supposed to do? Surely I am going to get at least annoyed.
    Just answer me this. Okay?
  7. Also, I apologise for the troubles anyway.
    I'll keep it in mind next time and if someone does bother me I will report it. But I do hope someone is out there to listen.

    Thank you and sorry.
  8. And also, when no member of the staff came forward to assist me in the times of "troubles", I took it to my own hands.
    But then again, no one cares right? When a member is not helped by the members of the staff I believe that member is sure to get annoyed and do something about it. It's happened to me around four times so I do think the staff was unfair to me first.

    And if you think I am being rude then tell the admin to check his inbox.
  9. Oookay, when I did contact some mods on here and the admins regarding the same issue, why did they not listen to my complaints? I believe this is a tad too unfair.
  10. Very true being mean to them pretty much gets you no where in day to day things unless its is needed like in a conflict then being mean is some what alright IMO.Your a vey good mod for the reason your really easy to talk too.
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