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  1. I am not really one for fighting.. I am more for talking about it like civilized people that shouting our heads off and upsetting each other.
  2. lmao ooh, i dont like fighting though, i think ive had 4 or 5 arguments with y girl since i started dating her, hour was the longest one, sometimes im right sometimes shes right. i try to avoid arguments, but they do test how strong a relationship is thats for sure.
  3. see Solking said that.. but then he told me its ok to have an argument so he knows what I am thinking... its strange

  4. ROAR! screams at you. nah i dont really scream, my arguments when i have them last maybe 5-10 mins ask my girlfriend i give in easy lol. im just like meh i dont want to argue. im a lover not a fighter.
  5. cool, I was thinking of IM'ing ya but it might too weird for a random message from me if your stressed.. don't you to shout at me now... unless your solking, which your not, so i will get scared.
  6. Whos a perv! i am not, i cant help it i like women, its not my fault.
    im just playing around cause ive been stressed an bored lately, i hope i can come on more often, but i start college in august so ill have to se if i can get time.
  7. Jade you dirty perv.... hows you???
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