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  1. Oooo, it looks pretty good.Defiantly gonna have to check it out.

    Its another Tim Burton :P
  3. I seen 9 and was like o.o , i gots to see that.There making a Alice in wonderland o.O?
  4. hahaha well I will go and see it when I can and Alice in wonderland :P
  5. Sazzy ! how are ya o.o? , lemmy guess your gonna go seen 9
  6. I know. But its not like they are going to add decent stuff to the channels because they are all lazy.
  7. I mean its not hard put something good on once and a while >.> but noooo allwasy crap
  8. that sounds about right! I recently got a digital receiver and nothing is on... only repeats of things I've seen. Nothing interesting at all.
  9. true , tho nothing good is on right now >< swo many channels and nothing good on D:
  10. ahh thats true, how about watching movies? but even then you would have to get movies you haven't seen otherwise its gonna get boring right?
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