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  1. I mean that she looks exactly like you...poor girl too the lady in front of me paying for gas kept throwing dollar bills at her haha
  2. O.o what do you mean totally looked like? you take a pic?
  3. hey i saw someone working at the gas station who totally looked like you today! lol
  4. ah okay, good to hear
  5. hold of who??? of Solking... well of course I did :P
  6. so were you able to get a hold of him?
  7. he hasn't been to England.........
  8. Oh I thought you said he already talked to your folks last time he came to visit.
  9. Well he hasn't my parents yet and we won't make the engagement official properly till then. Then I am sure we will send you your invitation.
  10. Speaking of which, I think my wedding invitation got lost in the mail. xD
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