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  1. hAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!! HOpe you have a great one!!!!!!!
  2. Hey Saz , been a long time work is like nyer now since it's busy just dropped by for a random hello....
  3. Good morning Saz..........i thought i'd be the one up this early
  4. you can drop a visitor message any time ^____^
  5. so no work aroundon the html codes huh? well i can still drop a visitor message if that is okay and i wont bother i'll only ask if needed
  6. yeah but no one will remove it either or replace it. Its stupid keeping a broken chat on the forum.
  7. i tried last week end and on one was online kinds funny that the flash chat doesn't work ne more
  8. Yeah I did make a chat room on IRC but no one was really interested but its still there even if no one talks.
  9. Hi sazz i miss talking to you on chat *********:<******
  10. Hi Sazzy just dropped by to say hi and hope all is well....
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