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  1. HI Sazzy! morning!!!!! hope all is well ... ***********************************pokes***
  2. well me and someone else tried but z said he can see me but for some reason i can't see him..... i hope no virus attached or got this site infected am enjoying this site a lot<<<<< jsut wondering though and thinking out loud
  3. yeah it is strange, it just doesn't seem to want to work for me.
  4. HI Saz!!! jsut dropped by to say hi i miss talking to you and the others in the flashchat ....
  5. waaa is the chat still broken Miss Sazzy?
  6. i miss being in the chat and well at work to many firewalls for me to bypass so i can't get in to irc
  7. it still hasn't been working for me
  8. Hi Miss Sazzy just wondering if the flash chat is okay now
  9. Danke shane Sazzy just dropped by to say hi and boo lol!
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