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  1. HI!

    i need your help = (

    aceman67 gave me 35 infraction points for plagurizing a poem off of someones myspace.

    Now i know you have me, or at least had me as a freind on your myspace
    becuase i joined the myspace animeonline group, and you go by Bu-Chan on myspace.

    Well aceman said he copied the first line from my poem and put it in google
    and automatically returned on result from a myspace from some guy in japan.
    He said i stole the poem from that guy, but he doesnt realize or didnt think of the possibility that that myspace belonged to me, even though clearly my username there is also Rook.

    Oh im even trying to prove to him that that myspace was mine by changing the region to texas, and put AnimeOnline as my hometown, but he went offline again = /

    I feel it is unfair that he accused me of plagarism without even full well knowing
    who authored that poem, and also for giving me such discredit on my poem which he closed.
    Its pretty lame to recieve an infraction for plagarizing your own content you know?

    Well i hope you can help me out = )

    thank you!
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