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  1. OMGoodness its Daddy Sasu :P

    Hope things are going well, I love the pics on fb! Keep in touch ok?!
  2. Hey there girlfriend. I've gotten just enough time to pop in and say hello on the good old AO board., man its beeen waay to long, i'd say im due for a comeback :P
  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Congratulations!!! Daddy Sasu!!
  4. wow its been long..well several months but this have changed since my last visit to AO.
    one wonderful thing in particular has changed., im gonna have a baby girl
  5. *pokes Sasu to see if he is alive*

    Its been a while since I last saw you online!! I hope things are well.
  6. AO's lesbian aye?? So its not use a quiz on facebook :P
  7. *gets kissed* Thanks Sasu ^___^ I really enjoyed my Bday this year.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, i cant wish you enough happy's :P.
    hope you have a great birthday, i wish i had a present >.<, *kisses*, :P
  9. I hope you do keep contact, I don't have anyone to properly criticize my work.

    I hope college goes well for you. I should have finished my web design course in March so hopefully I will get a better paid job.
  10. haha, It has been long since i activily came here, i have been busy. I'm done working so im going back to college again.(getting stuff staightened out and im pretty much all set, so i hope it pans out XD).
    p.s, i've got a new laptop! ^_^., cept this Vista bs is total BS lol.
    i will try to keep in contact XD
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