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  1. if you whant ill send you and your frieand invite for the clan if you whant
  2. I might do, once I remember to check the social groups. I forget to cheak them so many time's.
  3. ok then if you whant a millaterey stile clan why dont you join my clan
  4. no I deleted that group, it was inactive anyway. It was created a while ago, possibly last summer....
  5. so what are you and your friend trying to take me out or are you tring to make a new clan
  6. ohhh that group.... Anime Online Hitman Team :P A friend and I were bored and had a discussion about people who we would add to a hitman list :P
  7. not much just tring to patch up some tings whit a cople of peaple andd also what does A.O.H.T. mean i cant figure it out
  8. not much really, you???
  9. hey Sazzy whats up aney ting new hapen lately ......................
  10. youre welcome whant to be friends if not its cool <stupid 50 charecter ting>
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