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  1. lol well the thing girlfriend is sick so I'm watching after her ^_^;;; I'd love to be out there but I want to see her well again even more...and she likes me being there to keep her I have to work later today at around 5...which means I have to shower, eat, and drive an hour to work ^_^;;;
  2. hehehe I'm surprised your not outside playing in the snow, I know I wouldn't be able to stay indoors if there was plenty of snow outside.
  3. lol yep yep =p I love snowball fights and making snow people =p or oh oh oh SNOW FORTS!!!! lol :O
  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAY Snowball fight!!
  5. haha I wish we was both here...I'd hit you with a snowball since you love snow so much =p
  6. I love snow, swap places! its raining here in England
  7. yay for you doing well ^_^ I'm getting along just fine too ^_^ I'm snowed in my new apartment ^_^
  8. aww I'm well, getting by and all that. How about you?
  9. *hugs back and smiles* Of course you were ^_^ you ish teh awesome ^_^ so how are you?
  10. yingyang!!! *hugs*

    I didn't realise I was missed that much.
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