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  1. Yeah thats very true. You really do notice the work that goes on when you become a member of staff. I got a taste of what staff have to go through, then they did clans here around 3 years ago, before I got promoted.
  2. Yeah, you are the only mod that I havn't spoken with yet, so I had to drop by and say hi. I'm really enjoying being a mod, its great. I never realized how much work moderators do around here until I became one. I have learned a new appreciation for most of the mods especially Aceman, seeing everything thats been done. When I was a regular member I didn't get to see what all went on behind the scenes as much.
  3. I don't hate you, Just never really spoken to you really Zev thats all.

    How are you enjoying being a Mod after being a member for so long???
  4. Hey Sazzy, whats up with you? We never talk, its like you hate me or something.
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