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  1. You will find out what field you will want to work or or at least have an idea.
  2. Cool. I hope I find something that I can continue on for the years to come. I'm in my senior high school year and I don't even know my college and I don't have a certain career to aim for. Its going to end up being a rush in the end. X (
  3. Im 22 years old, and yes, I plan on staying here for as long as I can, I really like my job.
  4. How old are you again?
    Are you planning to stay there?
  5. No, its full time job, been working here for over 2 years now.
  6. Wow that sucks. Thats little sleep.
    Is that like a temporary job?
  7. I work full time as a Drafting engineer and I work 9 hour days which always start at me waking up at 5am.
  8. I know right? A person should be aloud to freely be naked in his/her own home without worrying about some damn meatsacks. lol (jk about the meat) ^_^
    So do you have a job or school...whats your position?
  9. Just work, work, and work. Nothing new really. Everything is uneventfull.
    Yeah I heared about that, its stupid because he was in his own home when that happened and the women who filed the complaint was cutting through his back yard. So the real person at fault is the women for trespassing.
  10. Well not much. Just getting projects done and preparing for tests and presentations. And in the news I just saw about a man who got arrested for indecent exposure.
    Nothing new much. You? ^_^
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