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  1. Is there any job that you are interested in or thinking of picking up?
  2. thanks i am looking and wish i could get sundome volume 5 ><
  3. It was fun, I had a blast. Well I hope you find one that pays well, even if its just a part time one and the best of luck to you.
  4. wow did you have fun? i haven't done much lol i wish i got a job ><
  5. Don't be sorry, there are a lot of people who are only on a few times. Any way nothing new going on in AO, not that I know of any way. I was up seeing family in Michigan and Indiana last week and didn't get back till today.
  6. hii i am sorry for my late reply i dont get much time to come online anymore how have you been ??? anything new happen i am sorry again for late reply hope to hear from you soon
  7. I hope you do well on your exams, working that hard you should get a very good grade.
    Well I hope I will not be single for long as there is a girl I like and I strongly believe that she likes me but I am not going to rush it and ask her out just yet, I want to get to know her better first and for her to know me this way if and when we do try and start a relationship it will be a little more relaxed. Also because she is very shy and I dont want her to feel uncomfortable or intimidated in any way.
  8. sorry i toke so long to reply :P i have been busy with school exams comming up and tests like crazy :P an i too am single >< thus the life of singleism =D
  9. It has been a while. As for how was my Halloween, well same as usual, I was handing out candy, but this time my brother and I were prepared and scared the day lights out of trick or treaters. Other then that not much has changed... Like the fact I am still single... Which sucks... Any way how is everything on your end?
  10. hi how have you been it has been awhile since i was online xD how was your halloween??
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