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  1. Wow, just been a busy bee havent you? Now I may not have kids but I am the oldest of the three brothers and I am usually the one who takes care of them so I have an idea about that.
  2. Thank you.

    I've been busy with costuming, dance prep, and sick children. Gotta love that swine flue.

    Nice to see you again too.
  3. Nice to see you around again. I have missed your light of wisdom. Any way, how have you been and everything?
  4. Thats good. As for me, I can't find a Fencing class. I know there here I just have to keep looking.
  5. lol thank you.

    I am having a blast with my class. Now to go practice.
  6. Yeah, the whole time I was in that thread the Obama believers were jumping me which is why my posts were less then normal do to being in a defencive position. But who is that coming over the horizen? Its Arrianna to the rescue with her awesome mind of facts.

    Any way, I hope you have good nights sleep at the end of the day. Also, I hope you are having fun with your dance class.
  7. lol Yes I am busy. Evidently busy posting too. lol

    I think by the end of today I will be happy to go to bed... I am sooo tired.
  8. So how are you doing today?... Other then the fact that your busy which is understandable.
  9. Well, that is why I dont wast my time debating about subjects that require commen sense and fact with people on AO or any other forums for that matter.

    Holy crap I just realize that you have no visitor messages... Either that or you hide them. Well just to let you know you are one of the few people here, or any where else for that matter who I have high respect for.
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