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  1. Yeah it has been a while man. Personaly everything is beautamis. The only thing really going on is a family issue, other then that I am alright.
  2. Hola amigo! How's it goin', Scourge?

    Long time, no speak! ^_^ Anything new with you?
  3. Fact is always funnier then fiction...........................
  4. LMAO! That's hilarious!

    Funny things are always funnier when it's based on somethin' true.
  5. Who knows, could be, expecialy in the anime world.
  6. True that--or maybe they're like some fruity robot?
  7. Here, here, and if some one says other wise is either a lier or they are fruity... Or a robot...
  8. *stands and raises cup of tea* I'll drink to that!
  9. Hells to the yeah, they say we all work for the green but in truth we all work for the "finer things" in life.
  10. LOL! I suppose you're right.

    Ahh. There's nothing like aspirations of a high paying job, with a hot secretary and "business perks".
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