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  1. Isant that how it is with every job, isant that the point of having a secritary?
  2. Maybe people at your job have to get promoted to work with the pretty girls. LOL.
  3. Yeah, thats most deffenetly the case. There were a rather large amount of nice girls here as well, very pritty and friendly, to bad they started moveing people around and I am no longer in that spot of sorts.
  4. Every time I think of that guy, I think of GTO, when Onizuka asks the other student teacher to train him in the ways of gettin' laid.
  5. Thats the kind of guy you just want to go over to him and yell in his face and I quoat... "YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!"
  6. At my last job, I wasn't the only guy there, but I may as well have been. There were a few other guys. Most were middle aged to old men--one dude had a different chick walkin' with him every time I seen him. LOL. All the other people were lovely ladies!
  7. Damn straight!! Thats the defenition of the best job ever, and you are the ONLY guy there.
  8. That's right because, we all know all the good jobs are the jobs placing men in rooms full of hot chicks.
  9. Aww damn man, that sucks some big ones right there. Wish you the best of luck and who knows, you might find an awesome one that pays well and you are serounded by a bunch of hot girls.
  10. Believe me, I've tried. They do most their hiring internally for a lot of their admin jobs--except the temp gigs.
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