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  1. May be you should try back there again, if they remember you they might higher you back full time.
  2. Well, it was a temporary gig, sadly. I wanted to work there permanently but, it just didn't work out. Which sucked, because I had a good rep with the supervisor and most of the people there.
  3. So what could have made you leave that job at Center Point? You sound like you really enjoyed it.
  4. The last time, I worked at US Bank and the time before that, I worked for CenterPoint Energy. I did collections for the bank and error corrections for the gas company's billing department. I liked the job at CenterPoint the best. It was pretty laid back and I could sit on AO all day, provided I did my job well.
  5. Who did you work for last time?

    Any way, I use to work for a general contractor, working on peoples homes and stuff for about two years before I landed the job I have now.
  6. I'll probably just end up lookin' for work in my old career field (office administration), or I'll work somewhere else until a job in that field opens up.
  7. Yeah, sales has that tendency to be rather crappy. So is there any jobs that you figure you might try and interview for?
  8. Could be better, could be worse. Not much is new except for skipping work and lookin' for a better job. The sales thing wasn't really workin' out for me.
  9. Good for the most part but it could be better... A lot better actually. Nothing really important or new happeneing. How about your self?
  10. Hey Scourge! How's it goin'? It has been a while since we talked, hasn't it? What's new with you?
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